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About Ahmed Buhari Profile -Ahmed Bee – 2019 Presidential candidate – who is Ahmed Buhari? – Ahmed Bee – Ahmed Buhari Story – What you need to know about Ahmed Bee

Ahmed Buhari’s Biography – Ahmed Buhari for president

Ahmed Buhari likes to regard himself as a true Nigerian. With family and friends from all over the country, he doesn’t conform to the idea of State of Origin. He was born and raised Kontagora, Niger state of Nigeria. He is the first child and son of his parents. His father, Alhaji Buhari; a man of prestige and importance who was born and raised in the southern part of Nigeria, joined the Nigerian Army in the 1960’s and retired in the late 70’s , after which he ventured into entrepreneurship. His mother, Hajiya Hauwa was a stay home selfless woman who was vested with the responsibility of raising her six (6) children after the demise of her husband in 1993.

Ahmed Bee’s Educational background

For Ahmed Bee as he is popularly called, growing up was no different from every other child that grows in the countryside; active participation in street soccer, riding that one BMX bicycle and tailing his mother to the market. At the elementary level, he attended Mustapha Comprehensive School, Kontagora where he was noted for his academic excellence and placed with the responsibility to serve as the class captain from his preliminary days to his final day in elementary school.

He moved to Command Secondary School Kaduna where he obtained his West Africa Secondary School Certificate (WASSC). His outstanding personality earned him the post of a senior prefect and his ever learning characteristics gave him room to acquire the much needed military experience and attribute; persistence, efficacy, integrity, commitment, franticness and straightforward stance.

Leadership has always been his greatest strength and a mantle placed in his able and willing hands; a duty he carries out with diligence, humility, enthusiasm and tenacity. Upon the demise of his father, he assumed responsibility as the father to his younger ones and a companion to his mother.

Ahmed Bee forged ahead academically, as he struggled tooth and nail to acquire a B.Sc. degree in Geology from the Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger state in 2005. After the necessary National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), he gained employment in an indigenous oil and gas company in Lagos state. In 2007 during his study leave, he proceeded to Cavenish College, London where he bagged his master’s degree in International Trade and Marketing and then to Manchester Metropolitan University where he got trained as a Geographic Information System and Spatial analyst.

Upon his return to Nigeria, he continued as a Geologist working on offshore installations with his team that effectively and efficiently produced a sizeable number of barrels for the country’s economic growth. In 2011, he joined a telecommunication company and was appointed a Senior Business Development Manager.

Ahmed Bee’s Carrier Life

In 2012, curiosity drove him to venture into what a long line of his family members have always been into; Entrepreneurship, although in a more trendy approach. He started off Skylar, Inc. a company focused solely on Information Technology (IT), Networking, Corporate branding, and Business consulting. With staff strength of over fifty (50), Skylar, Inc. a nurtured dream has continually gained grounds in trying to ensure the next generation embraces IT, as it is evidently the next frontier for not just national development but global advancement towards innovation and wellbeing.

Ahmed Bee’s Foundation

The Ahmed Bee Foundation has been responsible for some social activities to support educational development in Nigeria. The “Kids Can Code” initiative which targets young children in primary schools between the ages of 5 and 12 ensuring that they are fully exposed to computer programming, software development, graphic designing and hardware assembling. The foundation also organizes frequent hackathons that targets students mostly from tertiary institutions and get them involved in the thinking process of how to proffer better solutions on specific areas of the economy using technology. The Meet the Boss project also lies under the foundation’s portfolio with the sole aim of engaging young and aspiring entrepreneurs and giving them the necessary exposure and training to reach their goals.

Ahmed Bee’s Awards

Some of his awards include; Entrepreneurship award from MTN Nigeria, a special recognition by the Goodwill Ambassadors Awards Organization, Award of Excellence from the Association of Family Business Owners of Nigeria & Rome Business School and many more…

Ahmed Bee’s Early Days

For Ahmed, growing up as a child for him was calm, peaceful, with sufficiency in resources but in the present day, the story has changed for the negative and has since gotten the economy dwindling aggressively. His political incessancy sprung up with the rise and consistently unrepentant bad economy, and has since been upbound. His love for justice and a peaceful coexistence is his greatest driving force.

Ahmed Bee Family

Ahmed Bee is married to Maryam and blessed with three (3) children. He has been groomed to see life as every average Nigerian-who strives for equity and improvement does. He is as simple as; driving himself to work, dropping off and picking up his kids from school, doing his laundry, going to the market, rendering kitchen assistance to his wife, queuing in a filling station like everyone would, taking the turn to the hospital down the street when sick and feels the pain and struggle we all face.

Ahmed Bee’s Ambition

His hope is a future where there is a reasonable striking balance between the rich and not so rich, where Nigeria’s greatest problems; tribalism and religion chauvinism is wiped out or reduced to the barest minimal ever recorded in the history of Nigeria, where illegal immigrants that have hindered accurate census and even distribution of resources is not in sight, where there is a peaceful coexistence and the stereotypical belief of difference amongst the geopolitical zone doesn’t exist, where people’s voices are heard, where youths are indeed leaders of tomorrow and are treated as such and where everyone would rather invest in Nigeria than take the growth and development opportunities abroad.

2019: 38-year-old Ahmad Buhari vows to take over the presidency

Ahmed Bee’s for President 2019

A 38-yrs-old Lagos-based businessman, Mr. Ahmed Buhari, has vowed to do all it takes to wrestle power from President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

According to him, his decision to contest the presidency in 2019 was “to take Nigeria out of the quagmire to a destination that will benefit all Nigerians.”

Speaking to Daily Trust, Ahmad Buhari, said he was tired of complaining about how things were being done in Nigeria, saying he had decided to come out of his comfort zone to contest.

The young Buhari, who hails from Kontagora in Niger State, said he was “ready to slug it out with President Muhammadu Buhari and other candidates in 2019.”

“I am still consulting on which platform to use in contesting but, for now, I am of the view that most of the major political parties do not share ideologies that conformed with mine and that of my numerous followers,” he stated.

Source: https://skylar.com.ng and dailypost.ng.


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