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Kelvin Brouillette  AKA K. Brule is a Nigerian-American Singer. He is also a Recording Artist, Producer and Sound Engineer. He was raised by his single mother after being abandoned by his American father. K brule believes these circumstances shaped his life to become the man he is now.


K Brule is a product of a casual love affair. Kelvin was born 23 years ago in Warri, Delta State. His mother is reportedly from Edo State. However, his father was an expatriate from Louisiana. He is dead now. Meanwhile, K claims he barely even knew him.

Though bred in Port Harcourt, Brule spent a greater part of his adult life in Lagos. In fact, he says he feels like a Lagosian.


Kelvin Brouillette identified his passion quite early and went directly to it. He completed his studies at Point Blank Music School in the U.K. He developed his music skills here.

K Brule has not been very successful academically. He completed his secondary education at Bridge House School and British International School. He, however, had to drop out of the University of Essex following his mother’s illness.

K Brule’s Music Career

K Brule focuses on rap music. He has a number of productions to his credit. He has some collaborative arrangements with Chocolate City an Amoré Nigeria.


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